Best Hotel and Flight Booking Application

Best Hotel and Flight Booking Application. The rapid development of digital technology allows us to do everything online. If in the past you could only book a hotel room via telephone or come directly to the place, now you can book a hotel room via a smartphone.

Best Hotel and Flight Booking Application. Even so with plane tickets. You can get a plane ticket in just a matter of minutes via a smartphone. It cannot be denied that there are a number of hotel and airplane booking applications wherever and whenever we want. The following are some of the best hotel and flight ticket booking applications.

Best Hotel and Flight Booking Application. is the pioneer of the first online travel agent in Indonesia. You can book airplane tickets, train tickets, hotel rooms, entertainment tickets, and rent a car through Previously, could only be accessed via a browser, now there is an official application that makes it easy for you to search for airplane tickets via a smartphone.


Among the many hotel and flight booking applications, Traveloka is the application most used by smartphone users. This is because the application form Traveloka has a simple interface so that it can be used even by ordinary people.

Another reason why many choose Traveloka is that there are no additional fees or hidden fees, in other words, the initial price is the final price you have to pay. The payment process is also very easy. We can pay off payments using the internet or mobile banking application available on your Smartphone.


The biggest competitor for Traveloka right now is Pegipegi. Not only provides hotel and airplane ticket booking facilities, but Pegipegi also serves train ticket bookings. Search for hotels closest to your destination by using the MapView feature in Pegipegi which will display a number of hotels closest to your destination.

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Uniquely, if your situation and conditions do not allow you to book plane tickets, trains, or hotel rooms through the application or website, you can contact Pegipegi’s customer service via telephone to help book tickets and hotels offline.

Indonesia Flight Cheap Hotel

Holidays, of course, have a lot of things to prepare. Starting from determining a vacation spot, looking for lodging, to transportation problems must be considered. In today’s internet era, planning a vacation doesn’t need to be complicated.


If the previous application offered only in Indonesia, it is different from Goibibo. The hotel and flight booking application, which has been downloaded more than 300,000 times on the PlayStore, prepares hotel variants throughout the country. Not only hotels, but even Goibibo is also ready to assist in booking airplane tickets too.
Various flight tickets, both domestic and international, are available on Goibibo and can be ordered online. To find the closest hotel to tourist attractions, you can do it easily and practically on Goibibo.


Like Priceline, Expedia does not want to be outdone in offering a number of hotel choices and affordable airline ticket prices. This hotel and airplane ticket booking application are ready to help travelers and whoever the users are in booking rooms as well as plane tickets.