5 Best Travel Agencies to Choose for Traveling Abroad

Dreaming of having a vacation anywhere in the world? Travel agencies will make things easier and simpler for you, prompting you to get your things set even before the D-Day. They are so adept at what they do that you are guaranteed both travel effectiveness and efficiency.

What might distract you, however, from employing their services could be costs in assessment with benefits. Tracking opinions on Collected.Reviews, you no longer have to worry about that. There are trustworthy travel agencies whose services you can engage with. These agencies have proven to be some of the best travel agencies in the world.

1.     TripAdvisor:

An American online travel agency, TripAdvisor was established about 21 years ago with the major purpose of providing hotel and flight bookings, vacation rentals, guide books, and table reservations. The company was founded by Steven Kaufer who is both CEO and President. In 2019, TripAdvisor was awarded America’s Best Midsize Employer by Forbes, and the company presently boasts of over 4,000 employees.

2.     Booking.com:

Dutch, Booking.com is an agency that deals in travel and accommodation services. The company was founded about 25 years ago in one of the major cities in the Netherlands. We believe the city is Enschede. The company is owned by Booking Holdings and has Glenn Fogel as its CEO. Booking.com boasts of over 28 million listings and the site is accessed through several languages which according to observers extend over 40 languages. The company is said to be located in Amsterdam which is the capital of the Netherlands.

3.     Skyscanner:

A travel agency located in Edinburgh, Scotland, Skyscanner is one of the cheapest and most accessible travel agencies in the world. The company is owned by Trip.com Group, chaired by Gareth Williams, and chiefly executed by John Mangelaars. Accessed by over 100 million people per month through over 30 languages, Skyscanner provides travel services that may as well be said to be metasearch engine services. Through the company, you can explore travel options for your trips, book hotels, and access rentals as applying to your travels.

4.     Expedia:

Another American travel agency, this company is rooted in Seattle, Washington. It has everything you may need for your travels — from bed, breakfast, rentals to hotels, and just about everything else. The company was founded by Rich Barton who doubles as the CEO of Zillow Group. The word Expedia itself is an amalgam of two words that mean exploration and speed. It is in these two words that the mission and goal of the company were premised.

5.     Kiwi.com:

Not Dutch, not American, and obviously not Scottish, Kiwi.com is a Czech online travel agency that was founded by Oliver Dlouhý in 2012 to cater to the needs of travelers through hotel and flight bookings, metasearch engine services, and other travel services. The company is based in Brno, Czech Republic, and is known to be one of the leading travel agencies in the world.


If you ever need to travel faster, less costly, and more efficiently, you should consider hiring the services of travel agencies. Listed above are some of the best agencies in the world.