Bring Your Vaccine Card When Visiting These Places in Jogja

Recently, the Indonesia Vaccine Rate or the range of vaccines in Indonesia continues to be increased as a joint effort to fight the Covid-19 virus. The government and society work together to increase the number of vaccines to be comprehensive.

If the vaccine can be distributed quickly, accurately, and widely, the opportunity to return to activities as before will be wide open. Many tourist destinations are already available but provide conditions for visitors to bring proof of the vaccine.

Bring Your Vaccine Card When Visiting These Places in Jogja

1. Malioboro

This mandatory vaccination and mask area requires visitors to show their vaccine card in Malioboro. The Yogyakarta City Government will deploy officers to check whether visitors have been vaccinated or not through the card.

You don’t need to worry if you have a vaccination card because you can enter the Malioboro tourist area for holidays or other activities. Even so, ensure you continue to apply health protocols when in Malioboro.

2. Yogyakarta Station

Another tourist area that also requires visitors to wear masks and have a vaccination card is Yogyakarta Station. Many tourists visit Jogja through this station, so the entry requirements are made more stringent to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Yogyakarta City Government is working with the Yogyakarta Police and KAI (Indonesian Train Company) to monitor this area as a mandatory area for masks and vaccines, considering that a station is a place for many people from different regions to gather.

3. Airport

Not only stations but airports in the city of Yogyakarta also have strict supervision regarding using masks and vaccine cards. The implementation at the airport is more stringent because visitors must also show the result of the Covid-19 test.

So, showing a vaccine card and wearing a mask is not enough to enter the airport area. Moreover, airports or planes are often used for long-distance transportation, so tighter supervision is needed.

4. Malls and Shopping Centers

Yogyakarta has many malls and shopping centers that are tourist destinations for visitors. However, you must have a vaccination card to enter this area. Malls and shopping centers have become gathering places for many people, so strict supervision is needed to prevent the spread of the virus. That is why evidence is needed in the form of a Covid-19 vaccination card to enter the area.

Some malls and shopping centers even limit visitors and shorten operational times so that visitors don’t stay in the area for too long. So, you must still pay attention to health protocols even though you are on vacation in Jogja. In addition, pay attention to the Jogja Tourism Map before visiting so that you can prepare for the best possible holiday and, of course, stay safe from the Covid-19 virus.

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