As a country that is in the ring of fire, Indonesia has a lot of high mountains, whether they are still active or not. The existence of mountains in Indonesia also attracts enthusiasts of mountain climbing activities. Starting from the beginner to the experienced.
Well, of the many mountains in Indonesia, some are suitable for climbing by beginners. You could say, some of these mountains can be used for training those of you who want to become experienced mountain climbers.

  1. Mount Papandayan in Garut with an altitude of 2,265 masl
    Mount Papandayan is also a mountain that has many craters such as Mas Crater, New Crater, Nangklak Crater, and Manuk Crater. Do not miss this mountain there is also a vast Edelweiss field known as Tegal Alun. Apart from the crater and the Edeleweis flower field, Mount Papandayan also has a dead forest area which is very popular because the
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