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Other websites linking to yours will certainly improve your search engine rankings, but building a site that other sites will want to link to is far more beneficial than directing all that effort instead into a ‘reciprocal link’ campaign. Reciprocal linking is much over-rated as a website optimisation tactic. Having hundreds of irrelevant links on tiny unpopular websites counts for very little. Keep in mind all the time who your audience is, and select content which is relevant and presented in a way that your readers will want to read it. A marketing or PR agency will take on the job for you at a price, but even with expensive production support, getting the raw material is still the most difficult part of the process, and needs firm planning and monitoring.

Focus on what your propositionsdofor them, not what your propositions are in technical detail. Do not think that complicated language will help build an image of professionalism and intelligence – this generally puts people off. Different media and methods are better suited to one or the other. Maintain a balance between what you want to say and how the agency wants to say it. Some agencies and advertising people are highly skilled and can be trusted 100%. Others need managing carefully, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

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Gain an in-depth appreciation of the integrated marketing communications planning framework and its relevance in developing and delivering contemporary marketing communications campaigns across a range of industry sectors. You will study how digital media has historically been used in marketing and understand a variety of concepts, models and theories including web and app paradigms, search engine marketing and digital advertising. If you’re starting with a small advertising budget, it’s wise to only advertise at the right time. Promote a specific action — Any advertising campaign should have a clear action that they want customers to take. It could be to visit your website or store, sign up for your mailing list, engage with your brand on social media, or use a promotional code. The advertising industry plays a key role in communicating between the organisation and its customers – online, outdoor and through different media and social media channels.

  • It encompasses specific tactics designed to meet the goals and objections determined as part of the process of putting together an advertising strategy.
  • Additionally, you can carry out your own research through customer feed-back, surveys, questionnaires and focus groups .
  • A company only pays for successful ad campaigns, if a customer clicks on them and helps a brand to maximise the size of its audience.
  • Advertising strategies can be further broken down by what’s likely to motivate a consumer to have an interest in or what to purchase a particular product.
  • It turns out you don’t need a massive marketing budget to boost your business profits.

See the section onethical organisationsand the Psychological Contractfor help with this fundamental area of planning. Marketing was traditionally simply ‘selling products’ (as if at a traditional old-style farmer’s market). This meaning developed so that marketing became an extension of selling – a means by which to identify, design, and communicate or ‘target’ offerings to customers. This course prepares you for roles such as brand and marketing communications managers, market researchers, media planners and buyers, account executives, copywriters, as well as advertising and social-media managers. The module commences with a focus on sources of law and the court system in England and Wales, before considering the areas of contract, agency and tort law, which underline business transactions.

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Some brochures and leaflets are pleasing pieces of art, but they don’t achieve anything for the business, so avoid falling into this trap. If you work with a designer be sure to control any fanciful tendencies and keep the message and style to the point. Too much spent on a brochure can give the impression that your business is extravagant.

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Product labelling is covered by these rules, but note that special labelling rules apply to some types of product. You may want to check with your trade association or professional adviser. It can be a key business asset that requires sufficient protection if you are to maximise its full value. Commercial disputes can prove time-consuming, stressful and expensive, but having robust legal agreements can help to prevent them from occurring.

Similarly, marketing is a process for understanding consumer behaviour and it incorporates market research into the overall marketing strategy. Advertising then applies the insights you gain from market research to develop creative designs and content production for promotional materials. Effective SEO marketing can help improve your brand’s search ratings on the main search engines when customers type in and search for products or services similar to yours. SEO marketing centres on raising the quantity and quality of traffic from customer searches to a company’s website or web page. Optimising your content for search engines requires an understanding of your customers’ needs to define the keywords they’re likely to use when searching for a product or service.