Historical Destinations in Surabaya

Historical Destinations in Surabaya. Having several favorite campuses to prestigious office offices, makes Surabaya also inhabited by many boarding school children. This historic city also offers many tourist destinations that can bring you nostalgia. For those of you who live in a boarding house in Surabaya, here are some historical places in the city of Heroes that you can visit.

Siola Building (Surabaya Museum)

Historical Destinations in Surabaya. The first place you can visit to walk down the time tunnel in Surabaya. Which is also a commercial company in the textile and convection sector from England. Apart from having artistic buildings, it seems that Siola is a historical place in Surabaya. This is because this building is a silent witness as a defense building against the Allies.

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Heroes Monument

The next historical place that you can make a destination for is the Hero Monument. Its location in the city center also makes it easier for tourists from various cities to reach it. Built majestically in the Kebonrojo Park area, make sure you don’t miss this historical tour. Especially if the weather is clear, the blue sky that shelters it actually adds to its splendor.

Submarine Monument

Surabaya still has the closest historical place to the city center that you can visit, namely the Submarine Monument. This submarine that stands firm is not without stories or origins that made it there. This ship was used as a fleet in the Battle of the Aru Sea. So that there is still a historical remnant attached to this monument. The battle was fought to return to liberating West Irian, which at that time was occupied by the Dutch.

The Red Bridge area

The struggle for independence will not be separated from the red bridge. The red bridge in the past, especially during the Dutch East Indies colonial period, was the busiest area. All government centers to trade were centered in this area after the Paku Buwono II Agreement with the VOC.

Sugar Road and Rubber Road

This area is indeed very suitable for those of you who like to take pictures of beautiful objects. Its location is not far from Jembatan Merah, so you can immediately visit it after leaving the historic bridge. Setting foot on this Way, it is as if you will enter a time tunnel in the past colonial period. How could it not be, the existing buildings have not changed much and the vintage impression is so thick.

The House of Sampoerna Museum

You can also take a historical journey in the city of Surabaya by visiting the House Of Sampoerna. You might think that this place is related to a famous cigarette brand in Indonesia. In fact, this building became one of Sampoerna’s cigarette production sites in 1932. This historical tourist spot in Surabaya offers many complete collections related to history.