Most Instagramable Bandung Tourist Places

Most Instagramable Bandung Tourist Places. For those of you who are in Bandung, walking for sure will be a fun activity. This is because there will be lots of tourist attractions that you can visit and also have Instagramable locations. Of course, this place will make you not bored and want to spend more time in the city of Bandung.

Here are 20 Instagrammable tourist attractions in Bandung that you can stop by.

Forest Park Ir. H Juanda

Most Instagramable Bandung Tourist Places. Bandung is indeed famous as a city that has cool air and beautiful scenery. No wonder so many tourists spend their time visiting this city. The pool area is one of the main attractions in Bandung. So, when you are here you can visit Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda which is located in the city center.
This park is very close to the famous area in Bandung, namely the Dago area. There are many things you can do while in this park. Starting from a forest walk, enjoying waterfalls, seeing wild animals, and also having mystical tours, namely in the Dutch cave and Japanese cave.

Rainbow Garden Lembang

For those of you who want to breathe fresh air in the mountains while in Bandung, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Rainbow Garden Lembang. Of course, this tourist spot can be an alternative for those of you who are tired of traveling around Bandung city. This will certainly be a fun experience for you and your family.
When you are here, you will later see a garden complex in which there are various collections of flowers that have beautiful colors. He cried again when you are here you will also be able to eat a collection of flowers in this park.

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Little Seoul Bandung

Here there is one tourist destination called Little Seoul where this tour is one of the places that contains a miniature of the Korean region which is the result of cooperation with the South Korean government.
Here you will also be able to feel the very thick nuances of South Korea. This is because both in terms of food and atmosphere it is designed as if it were in Korea. So that this place becomes one of the tours that you can visit while in Bandung. Do not forget that you are also obliged to take pictures, because every corner of Little Seoul will be an Instagram-able photo spot.

Rabbit Town

Bandung is indeed famous as one of the places that continue to innovate to develop new tourist destinations and also has a unique concept. One place that you can visit when looking for an Instagramable location is Rabbit Town. This new tour in Bandung will provide a variety of interesting rides that you can enjoy with your family.

Chinatown Bandung

then you can also visit the Chinatown area while in this city. Here later you will be satisfied to walk around and find all things Chinese. Starting from watching the Barongsai show and even taking pictures directly with the Barongsai. Besides, you will also be able to take pictures using Chinese-style properties which are very Instagram-able.