Mountain Climbing Tips For Beginners

Mountain Climbing Tips For Beginners

Since there are many films about mountain climbing, more and more people are choosing mountain climbing as a vacation option. Besides being able to stimulate adrenaline, the beauty at the top of the mountain and the surrounding panorama is an attraction for mountain climbers. Capturing the beauty of nature also did not escape the target of the climbers. Well, for those of you who want to climb the mountain but are still beginners, try following these steps:

Learn the location of the mountain you are going to

An important preparation when climbing a mountain is learning the location and terrain you will be traveling. If you don’t learn beforehand you can get lost and separated from your friends or group while climbing. Each mountain has a different climbing route, one of which is Mount Prau in Central Java. The Mount Prau hiking trail is long but the ravine is not steep, while the short one has ravines and rocky rocks. Mount Kerinci in Jambi, for example, is covered in mud and sand.

Exercising regularly before climbing

At least a month before climbing should exercise regularly. Strong stamina and a fresh body that need when climbing. Exercising can prepare energy for unusual terrain while climbing. Choice of sports that you can do such as playing a bicycle or running on the streets or uphill locations.

Prepare mountain tools carefully

Pay attention to the equipment and supplies that must be brought. Only essential items should be carried in order to reduce the burden when climbing. Carrier bags, hiking shoes, jackets, folding knives, raincoats, portable cooking utensils, flashlights, whistles, compasses, first aid kits, mattresses, tents, and sleeping bags are equipment that is generally carried by climbers. Also prepare food supplies properly, you should bring easy-to-consume foods such as biscuits. If you want to bring heavy food, adjust to the group so that cooking can do it together

Sign up for the climbing post

Don’t forget to prepare your identity for permission when you want to climb. Each mountain has a permit post because if someone gets lost, the volunteer team can find out the identity of the lost climber. You better tell your family, neighbors. To know about the business you can visit this site marathonmontpelliermetropole

Pray, Think Positive

The most important and basic thing when climbing a mountain is to pray and think positively. Praying can facilitate us when climbing while positive thinking will give us confidence that we are capable. Don’t forget to take care of nature, don’t litter.