Mountains Suitable For Beginner Climbers

Mountains Suitable For Beginner Climbers. As a country that is in the ring of fire, Indonesia has a lot of high mountains, whether they are still active or not. The existence of mountains in Indonesia also attracts enthusiasts of mountain climbing activities.

Starting from the beginner to the experienced.

Mountains Suitable For Beginner Climbers. Well, of the many mountains in Indonesia, some are suitable for climbing by beginners. You could say, some of these mountains can be used for training those of you who want to become experienced mountain climbers.

Mount Papandayan in Garut with an altitude of 2,265 masl

Mount Papandayan is also a mountain that has many craters such as Mas Crater, New Crater, Nangklak Crater, and Manuk Crater. Do not miss this mountain there is also a vast Edelweiss field known as Tegal Alun. So, if you come here, you should bring a capable camera to take a view of the dead forest.

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Mount Andong with an altitude of 1762 meters above sea level in Magelang

This mountain offers a captivating view at its peak, surely climbing training here will be fun. In addition, the hiking trail is easy and clear, equipped with a number of signposts. Therefore, for beginners who want to get to know more about climbing activities, there is nothing wrong with trying to climb Mount Andong. To estimate, from basecamp to the top, it will take about 2 hours on foot. So you can even climb in a day for the experienced. The trip is quite short, and you can go straight home without spending the night.

Mount Nglanggeran in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta with an altitude of 700 masl

Mount Nglanggeran is perfect for those of you who are hiking for the first time and want to enjoy exciting and fun camping. Especially with its height which is only 700 meters above sea level, supported by sloping terrain, it only takes about 1 hour to reach the top.

Mount Prau with an altitude of 2,565 meters above sea level in Dieng

For those who don’t know, it is said that Mount Prau is one of the mountains with the largest peaks in Indonesia! No wonder Mount Prau is a favorite place for nature lovers to camp while waiting for a charming sunrise. Plus, in sunny weather, from the top of Mount Prau, you can see the peak of Sindoro-Sumbing and Merapi and Merbabu from a distance.

Mount Gede with an altitude of 2,958 masl in Bogor, West Java

There are actually several ways to get to the top of Mount Gede which has an altitude of 2,958 meters above sea level. But for those of you who are beginners, it is recommended to take the Cibodas route with a fairly gentle climbing route.

Through that route, you will approximately take about 6 hours of travel. It’s better not to forget to bring complete climbing equipment. Because your equipment will be checked by officers before the climb begins. Here you also have to be aware of the cold air, by bringing enough warm clothes and jackets. The reason is so that you don’t get hypothermia.

Getting to Mount Gede which is part of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park in Bogor, West Java is quite easy. Moreover, this is one of the favorite mountains of climbers, both beginners and experienced. The scenery is cool, on the way, you can find various interesting places such as Cibeureum waterfall, hot springs, lakes, and edelweiss fields, Surya Kencana square.