Recommended 5 Islands for Holidays in Korea

Recommended 5 Islands for Holidays in Korea

Islands- Recently, several countries, including South Korea, have begun to relax border rules since the decline in COVID-19 cases. They re-opened the tourism sector and received foreign tourist visits from various countries.

It’s no secret, that the country has now been visited by many Hallyu Waves fans. Most of them want to experience firsthand the natural beauty and various culinary delights of the country. Ahead of summer vacation.

These five islands can be a recommendation for those of you who plan to visit South Korea.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island is one of the popular destinations among local residents and foreign tourists. The beauty of Jeju Island makes some people call it the Hawaii of Korea. Plus, the government is now starting to impose visa-free visits for tourists from certain countries who want to visit Jeju. Then, this island combines beautiful nature with sandy beaches.

Hyeopjae Beach and Woljongri Beach can be good choices to watch the waves and pristine sand that always has a different feel in each season. If you’re considering going to Jeju, at least some of these reasons will make you want to go there, even more, namely its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and fresh air.

Udo Island

Located off the east coast of Jeju, Udo Island is a vacation destination that offers beautiful panoramas. The scenery along the way around the beach, the emerald-colored sea, rocks, and cliffs complete the charm of Udo Pula. People call this island the miniature of Jeju. So if you don’t have enough time to explore Jeju, you can tour Udo Island in a few hours of a short visit.

If you want to visit Udo, you can take a ferry from Jeju Island via Jongdal Port and Seongsan Port. When you get there, don’t forget to taste Udo’s signature dishes, namely Korean seafood ramen and peanut ice cream which are ready to pamper visitors’ tongues.

Geoje Island

Geoje, which is the second-largest island after Jeju, is located in South Gyeongsang Province. The island consists of many large and small islands with blue coastlines and captivating scenery.

Its location which is about an hour from Busan makes it easy for foreign tourists to go on an adventure in just one day. Then, the island which has the nickname “The blue city” has a variety of the best tourist destinations to visit, namely Windy Hill, Sinseondae Cliff, Hakdong Mongdol Beach, and Gojura Beach.

Oido Island

Oido Island is quite famous among Seoul tourists as a place to rest. The island, located off the west coast, is easily accessible via the Seoul subway. Although this island is not popular for its emerald waters and beautiful sand, there are many interesting destinations that you should visit while in Oido, such as the Oido Broadwalk.

You can take a stroll while enjoying the sea breeze, then stop to see the beautiful Red Lighthouse and Tree of Life Observatory. After that, you can enjoy a meal at a seafood restaurant around Broadwalk or visit the Oido Observatory Café

Ulleungdo Island

The island, which was formed from a volcanic eruption, presents stunning views and is worthy of tourists. Therefore, Its location surrounded by the ocean makes this island quite difficult to access. It takes three hours to get to the island by ferry from the ports of Pohang, Gangneung, and Mukho. Known as the “Mysterious Island”, Ulleungdo is a fairly remote place with a well-preserved ecosystem.

Ulleungdo Island offers natural steep cliffs and beautiful rock formations that are popular for rock climbing. In addition, you can also stroll along the coastline starting from Dodongham harbor and ending in Haengnam village stretching about 400 meters to the lighthouse. From summer to autumn, the hillside area around the lighthouse is filled with colorful local flowers in bloom.

That’s a row of island recommendations in South Korea that you must visit while on vacation in the summer. No less beautiful than the islands in Indonesia, right?