Safest destinations to visit in Europe in 2021

Every year, thousands of people from around the world visit their favorite places in Europe. The culture and romance of these places are superb and are the ideal places for families and lovers.

If you are planning to travel to any of these destinations from Finland, you can easily use the services of Momondo to compare rental cars, hotels and flights. However, you should first read reviews about them on to know what other people that have used their services in Finland are saying about them. Here are some of the safest places you can visit in Europe:


This city, also called the Portuguese home, in Portugal holds different attractions for everyone. For gourmets and shopping addicts, it is a must-see. The atmosphere is also filled with lots of spiritual activities from its shrines, churches, and monastery. It is a city where tradition and modernity intertwines, and holds many great events at various times of the year,

Besides, Braga is considered very romantic and one of the happiest cities, with a high quality of life. Also, the city practices sustainable tourism. The dynamic, sparkling, and historical city of Braga is a place to visit.

Rome, Italy

Since many years ago, Rome has been one of the favorite cities travelers love to see. It is nicknamed “The capital of the world”, as it helped in determining Europe’s borders and enriching most civilizations. It is an ideal place to discover the Colosseum, if you are looking at having a romantic getaway, you can also visit Rome. It is a home for lovers of culture, history, romance, and food.

Cavtat, Croatia

Cavtat is a city of sea, sun, nature, relaxation, and culture; which makes it exactly what you need. There are lots of things which give simple pleasure which you can enjoy and experience. There are stunningly beautiful places such as Dubrovnik and Cavtat located in the Konavle region.

Also, there is an old town center that has lovely restaurants and cafes lined with palm trees. The quality of life here is very good, and you could almost feel life trickling by. Cavtat is far removed from the daily hustle and bustle that characterize most parts of the world but will keep you entertained nevertheless and offer you some privacy.

Sibiu, Romania

Sibiu, located in the Transylvania province, is one of the loveliest cities in Romania. It is a wonderful combination of history and vibrancy. Even though the city is over 800 years old, it still strongly connects to present-day European values, it used to be the capital of culture in Europe, because of its strong cultural heritage.

The city is multidimensional as it appeals to lovers of architecture, foodies, pictures, history, and shopping. All year round, Sibiu is a beautiful destination to discover. Going there means you are opening yourself to a mix of nature, gastronomy, shopping, and culture.

Kefalonia Island, Greece

This beautiful Greek island is famous for its sandy coves and lovely beaches. It houses Melissani Lake, which is one of the best natural wonders in the country. The famous Xi beach is a must-see because of its red-orange sand and the exceptional quality of the water. If you are looking for where your family can have the perfect holiday, Kefalonia island in Greece is one of the perfect destinations.