Tips and How to Choose the Most Comfortable Seat when Riding a Train

Like to travel by train? The train is one of the favorite transportation for Indonesian people to travel. The reason is, besides being comfortable, practical, and cheap, it is also free from traffic jams. Especially now that train facilities have been designed to be more attractive, making more and more people want to ride them.

Indonesia itself has just commemorated Railway Day which falls on September 28, 2022. For Friends of Fimea who are interested in traveling by train, there is an interesting guide from Pegipegi regarding class guidelines to tips on choosing a seat. For more details, see the following description:

In addition to knowing the types of train classes, Pegipegi has several tips for booking train tickets that can be used as references to make your trip more comfortable:

Order Online

The first step you must do is make a reservation. Train tickets sell out quickly, requiring you to book them in advance or as soon as possible. So, to be more efficient, you can buy it online through an Online Travel Agent (OTA), such as Pegipegi. In addition to not having to queue, you can choose a seat, take advantage of travel protection, to filter prices, fleets, departure and arrival schedules for trains according to your preferences.

Unidirectional Sitting Position

Train seating positions tend to be irreversible, especially in Economy class. It is recommended that you choose a forward sitting position, in the direction of the train speed. If your train is traveling west, you are also advised to sit facing west as well. Besides being able to see a better view, the forward position for some people will not make you dizzy or nauseous.

Avoid near Bordes

If you still have plenty of seating options, avoid sitting near landings or carriage connections. Usually, the landing is close to the toilet, and people tend to pass by, so the noise is often heard and may annoy you. To know more about political law you can visit this site folderaccess

Pay attention to the AC position

Currently, Economy and Business trains are equipped with air conditioning or air conditioning. If you don’t really like cold temperatures. You can choose a seat that is thought to have your back to the air conditioner. For your information, usually at night, the temperature inside the train gets colder because of the combination of the cold night and the air conditioner at the same time.

Select near Window

One of the reasons people take the train is to linger to see the scenery. Well, for those of you who like to see the scenery, sitting near the window in order A and D could be an option.

Near the Restoration Car

Not only the seat, the carriage number also determines the comfort of your trip, especially if you don’t bring food and drink. If you can’t resist hunger, you can go straight to the restoration car instead of having to wait for the flight attendants and flight attendants to pass by offering food and drinks to the carriage. Usually, the restoration carriages are in the order of carriages number five or six.

Station Exit

You should also think about the position when you get off at your destination. Usually, each station has an exit in the middle. So, it is recommended that you choose a car with a middle serial number. This will prevent you from walking too far to the station exit.

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