Ubud, Heaven For Vegetarians In Bali

Visiting Bali on Indonesia national day, why not?

Bali is indeed the most popular tourist destination, both for domestic and international tourists. This island offers a variety of “heaven on earth” such as beach paradise, cultural paradise, to vegetarian food paradise.

The area in Bali, which is famous for its paradise for vegetarian dishes, is Ubud. This area has charm for plant-based connoisseurs because of the large number of vegetarian restaurants. If you are a fan of plant-based food or are a vegetarian, check out this list of restaurants.

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The Garden Cafe At The Yoga Barn Bali

As the name implies, this cafe is located in a quite popular yoga place in Ubud. At The Garden Cafe, you can find various menus such as ayurvedic menus, macrobiotic menus, and menu plans for those who have allergies to certain dishes. The cafe menu includes tropical bowls, smoothie bowls, fried red rice, sandwiches, salads, and Thai-style green curry. Not to forget, there is Ubud Raw Chocolate drink.

Moksa Ubud Restaurant Bali

This vegetarian restaurant in Ubud emphasizes plant-based restaurants and permaculture gardens. Moksa’s permaculture garden has more than 60 species of plants, such as rosemary, basil, dill, kale, and dragon fruit. Not only that, but Moksa also has a dojo which is usually used for yoga, aikido, meditation, cooking classes, and other special events. You can try the Avocado Omelette menu at Moksa, which doesn’t use eggs. Unique, right?

The Elephants

Want to eat healthy food while meditating? You can get this experience at The Elephant. This vegetarian restaurant, founded in 2013, presents the experience of enjoying a meal while meditating overlooking Tjampuhan Hill. There are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free menu options, for example, Sauteed Mushroom and Spinach, Crunchy Granola, and Tofu Tom Yum.


One restaurant that is no less interesting is Soma. This restaurant uses 90% local, organic and sustainable ingredients. Soma does not only prioritize restaurants as places to eat but there is an element of reducing the ecological footprint by implementing the zero-waste concept and using less water. The menu ranges from smoothies, elixirs, and salads to wood-fired oven pizza.

Alchemy Bali

On Penestanan Kelod Street, there is a place to eat that is said to be the first 100% organic vegan restaurant in Bali, which is called Alchemy. It’s a vegetarian restaurant -pioneer on the island of the gods. Alchemy has been around for a long time, since 2011. The menus available at Alchemy are all gluten-free, plant-based, and raw food because they are not heated above 43 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy California Maki Nori, Spinach Mushroom Pizza, or Vietnam Spring Roll.